Original Boggle Beanie™

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Color: Red

Why Detachable Eyewear Is the Greatest Activity Inconvenience

Have you ever went running with glasses, and they fell off because you got way too into your run? I've been there, and I stepped on them. Ruining a $200 investment. 

The problem doesn't end there. You may have popped inside for a quick glass of water, only to leave your glasses on the counter. 

Now imagine just flipping your beanie up and having it instantly on your head, with no risk of losing your eyewear. 

Step Outside Of The Box & Make A Statement

The Original Boggle Beanie™ was designed specifically for people who want to simplify their outfits, step outside of the box and make a statement. 

⚠️Warning: If you take yourself seriously, this beanie is NOT for you. ⚠️

Why the Boggle Beanie?

  • AN ELEVATED TAKE: The look and feel of high-quality acrylic meets modern performance & agility. Your go-to basic classic beanie for skiing, snowboarding, shoveling, hunting, hiking or just enjoying the weekend. 
  • FASHIONABLE & FUNCTIONAL: This stylish beanie also comes in many colors, styles & looks. Be ready for anything this winter. This is a must-have for your winter closet & wardrobe. Let’s get back to the basics & rock the classics.
  • MAKE AN AWESOME GIFT: Birthdays and holidays coming up? Available in many different styles & looks, these perfect hats make an excellent gifting idea for your friends and loved ones! Great for any season especially the cold winter, the “one size fits most” design promises a secure, tidy & comfortable fit every time! 
  • SOFT AND DURABLE: The strong knitting wool and sherpa lining will keep your head extremely warm. The hard plastic Goggles curve perfectly on your head and the elastic technology will ensure a seamless fit on your face. 
  • VERSATILE FOR SPORTS AND FASHION: Did you get the memo that the 90's are back? Guarantee to be remembered whether you're out on the town or pushing through a cross country ski. 

    How To Use

    1. Keep it upright as you put it on for Boggle Beanie Fashion
    2. Quickly flip down the brim for instant eye covering.  


    Colors Available: Red, Black, Grey, White and Dark Red

    Size: One Size Fits All

    Material: Knitting Wool

    About The Founder

    Boggles Co. was founded as a way to express yourself. No beanie available could be doubled both as sporting equipment and a fashion statement. Walking around Banff, Alberta, we noticed that people kept wearing their goggles to the bar (seriously). But after a few too many, people would go home empty handed. The Boggle was designed as a fashion statement that can also be taken on the ski hill.

    Due to High Demand, Shipping Times Will Take 5-15 Days

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