Muffle Boggle Beanie™

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Color: Purple

No climate is too cold for the Muffle Boggle Beanie™

Your friends and family will either admire or laugh at how you look, but that's the point! Oh yeah and it so happens to keep your face warm.

Whether you're out for a run, on a hike, cross country skiing, skydiving or just plain out on the town. You're guaranteed to be remembered with this 90's look. 

The Perfect Beanie For Trendsetters

Versatile soft acrylic fleece rib knit goggle beanie. Thick ribbed construction. Fold over brim. Sherpa lining. Tonal stitching. Simply flip the goggles down to create a winter goggle effect. 

How To Use

  1. Keep it upright as you put it on for Boggle Beanie Fashion
  2. Quickly flip down the brim for instant eye covering.  


Colors Available: Purple, Green, Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, and White

Size: One Size Fits All

Material: Knitting Wool

About The Founder

Boggles Co. was founded to help you express yourself. No beanie available could be doubled both as sporting equipment and a fashion statement. Walking around Banff, Alberta, we noticed that people kept wearing their goggles to the bar (seriously). But after a few too many, people would go home empty handed. The Boggle was designed as a fashion statement that can also be taken on the ski hill.

Due to High Demand, Shipping Times Will Take 5-15 Days

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Customer Reviews

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My favorite hat. Got a second one. Thanks to the seller for the good item.


Skully Boggle Beanie


great and fun thanks


Skully Boggle Beanie


Skully Boggle Beanie